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Latest News: The Color "Twilight" Exhibit is now showing at the Museum of East Texas! Please support the APA by shopping at Adorama.

The Angelina Photographic Association (APA) was founded in 1979 in Lufkin, Texas. The stated purpose of the APA is to provide a forum for the photographic talent of its membership and to promote an appreciation for the art of photography by the public.

APA's membership represents amateurs as well as professionals who have a common interest in photography. That common interest is the only requirement for membership.

Members are kept informed about club activities, open contests, photographic publications, and area exhibits by the APA newsletter, published monthly.

APA is recognized by the State of Texas as a non-profit public service organization and is affiliated with the Gulf States Camera Club Council. The Association's activities include photographic service projects for various non-profit organizations and civic clubs.